Monday, November 26, 2007


The remainder of the Thanksgiving weekend was uneventful and relaxing, and I suspect this week will be the same. I've recently started a new project for work, which is going to require weekly travel to NJ, probably until the end of February. Tinton Falls is no booming metropolis, but so far I've scouted a Panera, a Chick-Fil-A, and a Macy' it's not all bad :-)

Of course, I do have a big decision that I am deliberating on this week. Roadside America has recently announced their "Say Cheese on" contest. Given that I've spent a fair bit of time exploring the treasures of the southeast corner of the US, I'm confident that I have several photos that are submission worthy and potential winners :p However, the rules seem to indicate that they only want to receive one of my precious photos, and we all know that I'm a rules girl.

I've narrowed it down to two choices, but I'd love some help...

There's this shot with Merlin - taken at Foamhenge.

Or this one - which was taken at Oprah's first home, while I was celebrating the birthday of my daytime TV love, Dr. Phil.


P.S. The formatting on this post is jacked, and it's pissing me off.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Back again

Hello from my couch where I've been enjoying the opportunity for total relaxation over the Thanksgiving holiday :-)

I spent the last week in Cleveland visiting a good friend who recently relocated there...and bought her first home! I was a pseudo-helper in the kitchen renovation (meaning I mostly just stood around and talked while other people were spackling and drywalling and painting and drilling, etc.) I did however, contribute significantly to yard efforts, and I raked an enormous amount of leaves. It was actually fun - brought back many memories of the Canadian childhood :-)

Dinner on Thursday was lovely. My newly mawwied friends, the Woth-Wawwens, hosted an "orphan" Thanksgiving for some of their friends who were't leaving the DC area to go home for the holiday. I was the designated provider of classic dishes such as green bean casserole and salad, which thankfully were within the realm of my ability to produce. It was an eclectic meal, as we had vegetarians, vegans, and carnivores all dining together...but good times were had by all.

My major priority for the remainder of the weekend is watching the entire first season of Big Love. It's really good. Alby is SO creepy..."Never look me in the eyes when you address me!" Ha. Freak.

Hope everyone else is enjoying their holiday!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

anti intro

If I had a blog, apparently my headline would be some of the best words ever uttered by Paula Abdul. In an analysis based upon level of amusement generated, I actually think they beat out “it ain't fiction, just a natural fact, we come together cause opposites attract,” which is pretty impressive, given the number of hours I spent as a 10 year old listening, choreographing and dancing to that catchy number.

Anyway, back to life in the present day (though if you’re verrrry nice, I might show you some of my snazzy dance moves. Think two steps forward and two steps back…).

I’ve been trying to kickstart my Christmas shopping this week. It’s unseasonably early for me to start, but I’m starting a new engagement shortly which will involve weekly travel, so I’m feeling like I should be a little extra responsible. Unfortunately today’s excursion to Georgetown lead only to this purchase…

…for me. Must revisit the rules of Christmas shopping before venturing out again. I think the premise is that you buy for others, but clearly I was a little confused this afternoon. Coat was just so cute :-)

Ok. This doesn't seem too hard so far. Who knows if it will be updated ever?! But maybe. I’ll try.