Thursday, February 28, 2008

So I went into my cave, and I plotted my revenge...

So, in the last week, I have managed to box up everything I own (for the sixth time in the last five years...I get tired just thinking about it) and move it into my very own big-girl apartment. The professional movers were a great help, and I managed to get the whole thing done without too many bruises. However, I did realize mid-loading on move morning that I didn't have any cash to tip the guys when they were done. Tipping is definitely customary in this industry, and since my family is in the business, I feel an extra obligation to play by the rules.

"No problem," I thought. "I 'll just stop by an ATM after they get done loading, on the way to the new place."

Easier said than done, apparently.
I pull into the drive-thru, stick my card in the slot, and wait for it to say "Hello, H," or "Please enter your PIN," or something, anything at all. It doesn't. The damn thing just swallowed my card and sat there taunting me with a generic "Welcome to Chevy Chase Bank" screen.
I pounded on the key pad for a few minutes, hoping to generate some sort of action, but got nothing. I backed out of the drive-thru and marched into the bank lobby, where I was told that my ATM card could not be returned to me, but would have to be mailed to my bank. What a ridiculous policy.
I ask to speak to the manager, and I'm told I'll need to sit and wait for a few minutes. Mind you, I can see him through the glass walls of his office, straightening pictures on his wall. So instead of sitting, I stood in front of his office with my arms folded and just stared. Despite my anger, I was kind of amused when I could see him feel my stare and turn around.
When he came out, I told him I refused to leave until I at least saw that the bank had my card. It seemed obvious to me that I should be concerned that my card might be spit out of the machine at any point, as I had zero clue as to why it had been swallowed in the first place. Anyway, the manager, who I call Lumbergh in my head, looked a little scared when I threatened my sit-in, and ended up making "an exception" to the policy and giving me my card back. I think it helped when he actually realized that the machine feeder had malfunctioned. Haha, who am I kidding? It was the stare.
Anyway, crisis averted, I was able to head back over to meet the movers, who by then had gotten a nice 30 minute break. They were all done by 2pm or so, and that evening a good friend came over to help with the unpacking. The kitchen and bathroom were easy, but in the rest of the space I don't have quite enough furniture, so I've elected to leave many of my belongings in boxes at the moment, and have been shopping for extra storage before phase 2 of unpacking.
I've also been couchless for the last few years, but my new couch is scheduled to arrive next week - so much excitement!
Anyway, there's more to tell about work and life, but the saga of the big move is all I can muster tonight. However, if you haven't seen this Jimmy Kimmel vid -- freakin hilarious. If you're amused, you'll want to check out the Sarah Silverman one too, but I'll let you figure that out.

P.S. Wtf with the line spacing again?? Ugh. Whatev.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


"I will fight every moment of every day in this campaign to make sure Americans are not deceived by an eloquent but empty call for change that promises no more than a holiday from history and a return to the false promises and failed policies of a tired philosophy that trusts in government more than people. Our purpose is to keep this blessed country free, safe, prosperous and proud."
-John McCain, 19 February 2008

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Doctor Is In

Still haven't finished my data analysis for work, but since I'm physically tapped from packing boxes all day, I'm going to do a little procrastiblogging action before settling back into deep PivotTable thought.

I just got off the phone with a friend of mine who is madly excited about a new boy that she's semi-sorta-seeing. She might take issue with my choice of adverb in the last sentence, but she also probably knows it's true ;-) She thinks he's special, and wonderful, and brilliant, and who knows? I guess he just might be...

Like Lucy from Peanuts dispensing her "Psychiatric Help" for a mere $0.05, I slipped automatically into cynical friend action, encouraging her to have her fun but reminding her to be careful and protect her heart, just in case he turns out to be a Stupid Boy. Totally out of character for me, right? :-p (Haha...or not at all, and everyone who knows me has heard a similar sentiment from me at least once. Yea, that's probably more like it.)

To be fair though, I am also happy that she has found someone to be so excited about. It doesn't happen all that often, and personally, I always find it a little bit uplifting to hear a friend be so very excited about a potential someone. Like all my dear married friends who keep reminding me that they are living vicariously through me, tonight I am living a little through her :-)

Ummkay. Back to work.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Procrastiblogging about music and life changes

It is becoming readily apparent that my favorite time to blog is when I'm desperately procrastinating some other sort of heinous activity (in this case, Excel is back to haunt my Friday night). I really should have started this bloggy thing in graduate school. I probably could have been the most prolific blogger of the early 21st century.

So, what to tell, what to tell? Well, last weekend was much, much fun. I bought tickets to Matchbox 20 a few months ago, so a couple of friends and I went to that show at the Patriot Center on Friday night. It was so much fun! Matchbox was one of my favorite bands starting from freshman year of college when Yourself or Someone Like You came out. I have such a love for that album, because I always find that it suits my mood, no matter what I'm feeling. Angry, sad, happy, tired, it always feels therapeutic to listen to. Of course, I've followed them throughout the years, with the exception of the newest album, which I haven't gotten around to downloading yet. No worries though, the show definitely emphasized their older music, so I was able to sing out to my heart's content.

The remainder of the weekend was pretty much dominated by apartment shopping. I'd been doing some research over the last several weeks, because it's time for me to move. I put all my research into a well-formed apartment shopping action plan on Saturday and by Sunday I was putting in an application on my very own "big-girl" apartment. Definition of a "big-girl" apartment is something along the lines of:
  1. Does not include a roommate. (Therefore, does not require sharing of bathrooms, kitchens, living areas or storage space, and thus enables one to purchase big girl furniture...a whole home's worth.)
  2. Contains modern amenities such as a garbage disposal, washer, dryer, bathtub, defined bedroom with door, etc. (All of these items are things I've lived without in prior apartments, so I fully reserved the right to be selective during the "big-girl" apartment search.)
  3. Is an apartment home where one could conceive of re-signing the lease at its expiration. (This is something I have yet to experience.)

I am SO very excited. Anyone want to help with the packing?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Okay, so I just want to put this out there. I didn't vote in the Virginia primary yesterday. I know, I know. I totally suck. Somehow I didn't put 2 and 2 together about needing to doing absentee voting this year. Damn Jersey! But the thing I'm most torn up about...I didn't get the sticker. I love that sticker. Something about being a naturalized citizen, I guess...but nothing makes me happier than sporting that little flag all day. Ah well, I'll get it sorted out by November.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Dry Spell

It seems that in the afterglow of my big exam, I lost the blogging bug for a little while. Tonight's the night I'm getting back on the wagon, lucky readers.

The last two weekends have been lots o' fun. Two weekends ago, one of my dearest college friends, Sherlock, and her husband Mike came to town on a househunting trip! They are thinking seriously about relocating to Northern Virginia, and I'm so excited about the possibility of another good friend living in the area. Unfortunately, they didn't have a very good trip, because they had a long list of requirements (proximity to work, out of the Dulles noise path, space from neighbors) and did not find a lot of houses that met them. We arranged to go to dinner on the Friday night towards the end of their visit, and I was determined to make sure they enjoyed themselves. Unfortunately, we ended up hanging out in the Dulles area, which is not exactly my backyard. A little web research helped me find the Old Dominion Brewery, which ended up being the perfect spot for a bite and a microbrew. The only thing a little off-putting was the fact that it was actually located in a little industrial complex...but once we got inside we were pleased to find good food, beer and live music.

This weekend, I helped another friend from college (Mare) celebrate her 29+1 birthday! She had her first child last summer, and the birthday party had lots of other young families in attendance. I think there were nearly 10 kids under five, and three of them weren't even a year old! I made friends with 2&1/2 year old named Anna who was very excited to show me her princesses, her princess dress, her princess shoes, and her Cinderella movie, among other things. She had the totally precocious attitude of an eldest child (not that I'm biased, of course) and was smart as a whip. I was totally blown away when her dad started quizzing her on Spanish vocabulary that she had learned at her daycare program. Amazing!

The rest of the weekend was hectic, and I'm afraid that I ended up with a serious sleep deficit at the end of the weekend. Even though I feel as though I probably could drive to New Jersey in my sleep, I decided not to try and pulled over for a quick nap on the way up this morning, because I was not feeling super alert on my 3.5 hour drive. Which reminds's time to call it a night.