Friday, February 15, 2008

Procrastiblogging about music and life changes

It is becoming readily apparent that my favorite time to blog is when I'm desperately procrastinating some other sort of heinous activity (in this case, Excel is back to haunt my Friday night). I really should have started this bloggy thing in graduate school. I probably could have been the most prolific blogger of the early 21st century.

So, what to tell, what to tell? Well, last weekend was much, much fun. I bought tickets to Matchbox 20 a few months ago, so a couple of friends and I went to that show at the Patriot Center on Friday night. It was so much fun! Matchbox was one of my favorite bands starting from freshman year of college when Yourself or Someone Like You came out. I have such a love for that album, because I always find that it suits my mood, no matter what I'm feeling. Angry, sad, happy, tired, it always feels therapeutic to listen to. Of course, I've followed them throughout the years, with the exception of the newest album, which I haven't gotten around to downloading yet. No worries though, the show definitely emphasized their older music, so I was able to sing out to my heart's content.

The remainder of the weekend was pretty much dominated by apartment shopping. I'd been doing some research over the last several weeks, because it's time for me to move. I put all my research into a well-formed apartment shopping action plan on Saturday and by Sunday I was putting in an application on my very own "big-girl" apartment. Definition of a "big-girl" apartment is something along the lines of:
  1. Does not include a roommate. (Therefore, does not require sharing of bathrooms, kitchens, living areas or storage space, and thus enables one to purchase big girl furniture...a whole home's worth.)
  2. Contains modern amenities such as a garbage disposal, washer, dryer, bathtub, defined bedroom with door, etc. (All of these items are things I've lived without in prior apartments, so I fully reserved the right to be selective during the "big-girl" apartment search.)
  3. Is an apartment home where one could conceive of re-signing the lease at its expiration. (This is something I have yet to experience.)

I am SO very excited. Anyone want to help with the packing?


Jen said...

I am in love with the term "procrastiblogging."

Hooray for the big girl apartment!

Kim said...

Apartments without roommates rock, as do apartments with bedroom doors and laundry facilities in the actual apartment. Good luck with your search!