Monday, May 12, 2008


I haven't been watching a lot of television lately...trying to do more enriching things, like reading books and riding my bike. Since the weather has been absolute shite for the last three days, though, I've given in and caught up on the last few Grey's Anatomy episodes.

Laugh out loud moment when Callie asks Meredith and Christina if anyone ever thought they were a lesbian couple, and Meredith doesn't miss a beat in responding, "No, because we screw boys like whores on tequila," and Christina follows it up with, "and then we either try to marry them or drown ourselves." Ha. That almost made up for having to watch a whole twenty minutes of Izzie.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


I found this little tourism video online, and it made me smile.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Good Life

This was an amazing weekend. The kind of weekend that you wish would never end, yet not the kind of weekend that requires an extension through Monday or maybe even Tuesday in order to recover from it. Just the perfect amount of fun :-)

Friday night, I had some friends over for dinner. They are new-ish friends, which explains why they naively accepted my invitation to cook them dinner before we watched a movie (Dan in Real Life - if you haven't seen it, my advice is - don't).

Anyway, I was trying my best to be a good hostess...I was making stirfry, and I had prepared some veggies to snack on before dinner, cooked the chicken that I was adding to the stirfry before anyone arrived, and even put the rice on to cook early, so that we wouldn't have to wait an hour or more (brown rice, it's SO much better for you) to eat. Things were going well. Then, things started going not so well. The progression of events went something like this:
  • Friends arrive.
  • We open a bottle of wine.
  • We chat.
  • We laugh.
  • Timer goes off for rice.
  • I remove from heat as instructed.
  • I reset timer for ten more minutes.
  • Timer goes off again.
  • I remove lid from rice pot - there is WAAAY to much water in this pot for this rice to be edible.
  • I silently curse my mistake of not checking the rice before removing from the heat.
  • I turn the burner back on and silently slide the rice back onto the heat. Surely we can just keep cooking it a little longer and this will all just evaporate.
  • I check the rice compulsively every five minutes for the next twenty minutes or so.
  • I even spoon some of this bastard water out of the pot.
  • I finally confess to my friends that all is not well with the rice. One friend comes over to inspect the pot and asks, "What is this? Is this really rice? It looks like gruel!"

I did offer to go and buy some white rice from the Chinese food store around the corner (Jonnay, where were you when I needed you??), but they assured me that it would be fine, and like true champs, they did eat their gruel and stir-fry. Not my finest hour of cooking, but somewhere in there we did manage to open a 2nd bottle of wine, so everyone ended up pretty happy overall.

Saturday I woke up with tons of energy and decided to take my bike out for my second ride of the season. I finally figured out how to get on the W&OD trail from my new home, and I actually rode from Arlington all the way out to the Vienna caboose. I think it was about 30 miles round trip. When I got out there, I stopped at the Vienna Farmer's market, laid down for a while on a bench in a park, read a book I'd brought with me, and had some snacks before I headed back. It was a great ride though and really got me excited for the start of triathlon training.

That's right...I'm doing the Nation's Triathlon again this year, and training officially started on May 5th. It was an easy 25' minute run on Sunday, not too bad at all. I'm actually quite excited about the May training schedule, because I am definitely in better shape this year starting out than I was last year, but man, those July and August workouts still intimidate the heck out of me! I'm excited to have my bestest, BSA, be my virtual training buddy this year too!

Tomorrow is the first swim practice, and I haven't been in the pool in a solid six months, so that should be interesting. Oh, and I'm not doing Team in Training this year, so I won't be doing any fundraising for this year's race. I'll probably still post some training updates here from time to time, but there's no need to guard your pocketbooks, friends :-)